The next scheduled Board meeting is July 20th, 10am, at the Parasol, 948 Incline Way, Incline Village, NV. 


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November 1, Supervisors Barbara Perlman-Whyman, Maureen McCarthy, and Glen Smith were all re-elected.  Their new terms expire 12/31/2020.



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Who do I contact if I find an invasive weed?


Go to the Report a Weed page of LTBWCG's website.




Douglas County Weed District

(775) 782-9835


Washoe County Cooperative Extension

(775) 784-4848




El Dorado County Department of Agriculture

(530) 621-5520


Placer County Department of Agriculture

(530) 889-7372


To learn more about priority weeds in the Tahoe Basin, visit the Lake Tahoe Basin Weed Coordinating Group’s website



Invasive Weeds

Invasive weeds are plants that grow aggressively, spread quickly and choke out native and other desirable plants from your neighborhood. They produce enormous amounts of seed, have a spreading nature and lack natural predators.  These traits enable them to dominate entire landscapes.  Invasive weeds decrease wildlife habitat and increase soil erosion and stream sediment, which is damaging to water quality.  Invasive weeds cause economic problems by costing millions of dollars each year in weed control efforts and lost revenues. 


Some common invasive weeds in the Lake Tahoe Basin area include: 


  • Bull Thistle
  • Spotted Knapweed
  • Yellow & Dalmation Toadflaxes
  • Scotch Broom
  • Perennial Pepperweed