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ZC phase 2 contractor approval0000-00-002017-04-07 09:16:41ZC phase 2 contractor approval
Final Rosewood Creek Area A Report2017-03-312017-03-29 15:59:26
Burke Creek Sign Final for Review0000-00-002017-03-20 15:23:41
ZC WQIP Ph 2 Addendum 10000-00-002017-03-16 10:47:01
ZCWQIP Cost Estimate0000-00-002017-03-08 10:09:00
Burke Creek As-BuiltsNTCD0000-00-002017-02-13 12:07:44As-Built Plans for the Burke Creek Highway 50 Crossing and Realignment Project
ZC WQIP Phase 2 Solicitiation Documents and Specs0000-00-002017-02-08 09:50:56
ZC WQIP Phase 2 Design Report0000-00-002017-02-08 09:46:10
ZC WQIP Phase 2 Plans0000-00-002017-02-08 09:42:47
Pittman Terrace WQIP Alternatives AnalysisNTCD0000-00-002017-01-24 14:13:42
Cave Rock As-BuildsMK/MG2016-11-112016-11-18 14:24:37Ccave Rock erosion control
IVGI Appendices2017-07-172016-10-03 15:54:02
Zephyr Cove WQIP Phase 1 Plans0000-00-002016-08-30 08:55:39
Kahle Basin Conceptual Design and MemoNTCD0000-00-002016-08-01 16:32:50
Incline Village Volunteer Invasive Weed Day2016-07-052016-07-05 15:58:39
BCX Addendum 30000-00-002016-06-29 15:33:11
BCX Addendum 20000-00-002016-06-28 14:09:06
BCX Addendum 10000-00-002016-06-23 16:48:10
Final Burke Creek SpecificationsNTCD0000-00-002016-05-27 16:54:12Burke Creek Specifications
Burke Creek Geotechnical ReportWood Rodgers2015-04-222016-04-08 13:08:49Burke Creek Geotechnical ReportBurke Creek Geotechnical Report
Burke Creek Wetland DelineationWood Rodgers2012-07-012016-04-08 13:04:34Burke Creek Wetland DelineationBurke Creek Wetland Delineation USACE
Burke Creek HWY 50 Crossing & Realignment Water ValvesNTCD0000-00-002016-03-16 11:50:17Burke Creek water valve location shapefileBurke Creek KGID water valve
Burke Creek HWY 50 Crossing & Realignment 90% Design PlansNTCD0000-00-002016-03-16 11:40:27Burke Creek 90% Design PlansBurke Creek Design Plans
Cave Rock Community Stormwater SummaryNTCD0000-00-002015-12-23 12:53:02Cave Rock Community Stormwater SummaryCWP
Lower Country Club Community Stormwater SummaryNTCD2015-12-232015-12-23 12:45:28Lower Country Clud Community Stormwater SummaryCWP
Board meeting recording December 17, 2015 PART 1Admin2015-12-172015-12-21 11:59:58Board meeting recording December 17, 2015 PART 1Board meeting recording December 17, 2015 PART 1
Board meeting recording December 17, 2015 PART 2Admin2015-12-172015-12-21 11:46:29Board meeting recording December 17, 2015 PART 2Board meeting recording December 17, 2015 PART 2
Board meeting recording December 17, 2015 PART 3Admin2015-12-172015-12-21 11:31:26Board meeting recording December 17, 2015 PART 3Board meeting recording December 17, 2015 PART 3
Board meeting recording December 17, 2015 PART 4Admin2015-12-172015-12-21 11:19:37Board meeting recording December 17, 2015 PART 4Board meeting recording December 17, 2015 PART 4
Board meeting recording April 29, 2015Admin2015-04-292015-12-21 09:34:47Board meeting recording April 29, 2015Board meeting recording April 29, 2015
Mainstream 2005 Rosewood Creek AssessmentNTCD2005-11-302015-06-25 09:51:28
Burke Creek Hwy 50 Crossing MapMP0000-00-002015-04-07 16:18:42
Burke Creek North Detail MapMP0000-00-002015-04-07 16:18:02
Burke Creek Proposed Improvements MapMP0000-00-002015-04-07 16:17:06
Burke Creek Issues MapMichael Pook0000-00-002015-04-07 16:09:47Burke Creek Issues Map
Burke Creek Project SummaryMichael Pook0000-00-002015-04-07 16:07:58Hand out for scoping meeting
Burke Creek Outreach Materials0000-00-002015-02-19 14:13:02Public Meeting Materials
Burke Creek Highway 50 Crossing and Realignment Project Monitoring PlanNTCD0000-00-002015-01-28 15:46:18
Burke Creek Restoration 50% Design PlansWood Rodgers2012-12-072015-01-14 15:51:24
Burke Creek-Rabe Meadow Complex Master Plan Existing Conditions ReportNTCD & Wood Rodgers0000-00-002015-01-14 15:45:02
Burke Creek Monitoring Project Final ReportNTCD and nhc2008-04-022015-01-14 15:35:59
Burke Creek Restoration Project Alternatives Analysis ReportWinzler & Kelly, Michael Love & Associates and McB2009-06-012015-01-14 15:32:11
Burke Creek Restoration Potential and Design Concepts Final MemorandumNorthwest Hydraulic Consultants2006-10-012015-01-14 15:23:50
Burke Creek Rabe Meadow Alternatives ReportNTCD/Wood Rodgers0000-00-002015-01-13 11:45:58
Project Engineer2014-11-072014-11-07 15:26:03Project Engineer Job Announcement
FY 2014 Annual Report2014-06-302014-10-09 10:24:51
Green Streets Contours0000-00-002014-09-11 19:51:19
Zephyr Cove 50% Plans_HDR0000-00-002014-08-25 16:51:02
Green Streets CAD0000-00-002014-08-08 13:40:42
Cave Rock Full CAD0000-00-002014-08-08 12:18:16
Cave Rock Addendum 30000-00-002014-07-16 16:13:07
Cave Rock Addendum 20000-00-002014-07-16 11:40:30
Cave Rock Addendum 10000-00-002014-07-11 16:21:01
Burke Creek/Rabe Meadow Complex Master Plan Existing Conditions ReportNTCD and Wood Rodgers0000-00-002014-07-03 16:20:14
Incline Green Streets Design ReportNTCD0000-00-002014-07-02 16:07:49
Incline Village Green Streets 100% Design PlansNTCD0000-00-002014-07-02 16:02:45
Hybrid BMP Final ReportNTCD0000-00-002014-06-20 10:08:26Hybrid BMP, rain garden, final report, LID
Cave Rock Retrofit Specifications For Bid June 20140000-00-002014-06-16 18:20:21Cave Rock Specs
Cave Rock Retrofit Plans for Bid June 20140000-00-002014-06-16 18:19:18Cave Rock Plans
Turf Water Management Tip Sheet0000-00-002013-09-17 13:10:48
Yard Fertility Management Handout0000-00-002013-09-17 13:10:12
Materials Calculator0000-00-002013-09-17 13:08:56Use to calculate amount of drain rock necessary for drip lines
RWC Photo Montoring June 20130000-00-002013-07-30 14:55:42
Glenbrook CAD 1Meghan Kelly0000-00-002013-04-02 11:33:26
Glenbrook Creek Restoration addendum 1Meghan Kelly2013-02-252013-02-25 12:51:28modifications to the Bidding and Contract documents for the glenbrook creek restorationglenbrook restoration addendum
Cave Rock Bed Filter Monitoring Report0000-00-002013-02-04 11:12:32
Hybrid Design Report0000-00-002013-02-02 10:24:55
Hybrid BMP Plans0000-00-002013-02-02 10:23:11
GBCR Design Report0000-00-002013-01-31 16:40:03Final Design Report for Glenbrook Creek
BMP Final Inspection ChecklistNTCD2011-08-012013-01-31 11:46:57BMP Final Inspection ChecklistFinal Inspection
100% Glenbrook Creek Restoration PlansMeghan Kelly2013-01-312013-01-22 08:47:48100% Plans for Contractors
100% Glenbrook Creek Restoration Bid DocumentsMeghan Kelly2013-01-312013-01-22 08:32:59These are the Glenbrook Bid Documents for Contractors to download.
VMConsulting_2006_ImplementationPlanFigures.pdf0000-00-002012-12-23 20:29:20
VMConsulting_2006_ImplementationPlan.pdf0000-00-002012-12-23 20:28:37
Rosewood_Creek_Design_Report_Final0000-00-002012-12-23 20:26:13
EntrixGeomorphReport.pdf0000-00-002012-12-23 20:24:47
EntrixGeomorphincompleteFigs.pdf0000-00-002012-12-23 20:23:56
2006ConceptPlan_Final.pdf0000-00-002012-12-23 20:22:25
Incline Creek and Third Creek Watershed Assessment MemorandumSwanson Hydrology1999-01-012012-12-23 20:15:23Identifies water quality oppotunities in the Incline and Third Creek watershedsThird Creek Incline 3rd watershed swanson incline village GID
SPECIAL TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS FOR MIDDLE ROSEWOOD CREEK STREAM ENVIRONMENT ZONE RESTORATION - AREA ACardno-Entrix2012-06-132012-12-19 14:25:03Technical specs for Rosewood Creek Area A engineering. Technical Specifications, Area A, Rosewood Creek, restoration, PWP-WA-2012-307
Rosewood Creek Area A Photo SetMeghan Kelly2014-10-222012-12-19 12:05:40This is a set of sequential photos showing the construction of the new channel for Rosewood Creek Area A.restoration, creek, area A, rosewood, photos
Rosewood Creek AssessmentSwanson Hydrology1995-11-032012-12-03 13:14:21assessment of the entire length of Rosewood Creek.Creek Restoration rosewood hydrolic
Full Planset of the Rosewood Creek Area A RestorationCardno-Entrix2011-09-132012-12-02 21:13:30Full Planset of the Rosewood Creek Area A RestorationCreek Restoration rosewood private public