The next scheduled Board meeting is July 20th, 10am, at the Parasol, 948 Incline Way, Incline Village, NV. 


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November 1, Supervisors Barbara Perlman-Whyman, Maureen McCarthy, and Glen Smith were all re-elected.  Their new terms expire 12/31/2020.



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BMP Maintenance

BMPs need routine maintenance to keep them effective. Below are a few tips on keeping your BMPs in working order:


Closed/Below Ground Systems


  • Visually inspect all infiltration areas to be sure they are still allowing infiltration.Remove trash and debris from the surface of the gravel.
  • Gravel trenches and infiltration systems will eventually become clogged with fine sediments and will need to be removed, sifted clean and replaced.
  • BMP design elements such as borders, filter fabric, sediment traps and drain clean-outs will reduce this necessary maintenance.


Open/Above Ground Systems


  • Visually inspect drains and swales after storms to make sure that they are not blocked with debris.
  • Remove debris as necessary. For drains without a removable grate, use a vacuum to remove debris. Don’t flush debris with a high-pressure washer or hose, as this will clog the infiltration system.




  • Vegetation must be healthy in order to provide for adequate filtration and nutrient uptake and be in line with defensible space guidelines.
  • Soil between plants should be covered with one to two inches of mulch to protect soil and also to insulate plant roots and conserve moisture.