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November 1, Supervisors Barbara Perlman-Whyman, Maureen McCarthy, and Glen Smith were all re-elected.  Their new terms expire 12/31/2020.



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Rosewood Creek Area A Restoration

The purpose of the Middle Rosewood Creek Restoration Project A (Project) is to stabilize portions of the Third Creek watershed to reduce sediment loads to Lake Tahoe. The proposed project goals are as follows:


  • Improve Stream Water Quality
  • Maintain flood protection for adjacent developed properties
  • Improve Forest Health and Wildlife Habitat
  • Enhance Aquatic Habitat
  • Improve Fish Passage
  • Pre-Treat Urban Stormwater from adjacent properties
  • Improve Fish Access


The project is located on private property and within the NDOT and Washoe County Right of Way between Northwood Blvd. and SR 28. Completion of the project occurred over 3 phases and 3 years. Phase 1 consisted of building a new channel and installing a new culvert under Northwood Blvd. Phase 2 consisted of monitoring the project for vegetation growth and letting vegetation establish. Phase 3 involved constructing "tie-ins" to complete the new channel and decommissioning the existing channel by backfilling it. The project began in August 2012 and is active construction was completed in October 2014. The contractor who completed the work was Burdick Excavating. The project is now in a active revegetation and monitoring phase. 



On October 16th, 2012, Phase 1 of the Rosewood Creek Area A SEZ Restoration was completed. Check out the video below put together by NTCD intern Ashley VanderMeer.



On October 15, 2014, the final active construction phase, phase 3, was completed and the creek is now flowing in its new location.


Photo Monitoring October 2014


For more information please contact Meghan Kelly (mkelly@ntcd.org).