The Nevada Tahoe Conservation District (NTCD) is one of approximately 3,000 Conservation Districts functioning in all 50 States and U.S. Territories. Conservation Districts are sub-divisions of state government and are unique locally-led conservation agencies. Districts provide resource management and technical assistance to land  occupiers (owners, renters, and producers) as well as work cooperatively with Federal, State, and Local governments in the delivery of conservation programs.
NTCD seeks to provide its constituents with superior technical assistance, educational resources, and conservation leadership with the goal of protecting Lake Tahoe’s natural resources.
Since the mid-1990s, NTCD has been managing large-scale restoration and water quality improvement projects in the Lake Tahoe Basin. Their team of scientists, hydrologists, and engineering technicians successfully advised and managed millions of dollars’ worth of projects.
For the last five years, NTCD staff has been at the forefront of the Lake Tahoe Total Maximum Daily Load, providing various TMDL support services to four Lake Tahoe jurisdictions. These support services include applications of the Lake Clarity Crediting Program (LCCP) and the TMDL Stormwater Tools PLRM, BMP RAM, Road RAM and the registration process from their initial unveiling (2010) to their current revisions under the Lake Tahoe Info Stormwater Tools website (2017). With the success of these projects, NTCD is considered a technical expert in conservation-related implementation projects.
  • Lake Clarity Crediting Program expertise
  • BMP RAM and Road RAM field crew
  • PLRM modeling
  • Hydrologic analysis
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Geographic mapping
  • Permitting (NEPA, TRPA, FEMA, County) and associated studies
  • Vegetation and noxious weed management plans
  • Public outreach
  • Stormwater drainage and erosion control planning and design
  • Hydrologic modeling (HEC-RAS and HMS, PLRM)
  • Stream restoration and culvert design
  • Engineering plan, specification, and estimate development
  • Expertise in green infrastructure and LID techniques
  • Trail design
  • Management of multi-funder and multi-disciplinary projects
  • Management of budgets between $5,000 and $4 million
  • Construction management and inspection
  • Coordination with multiple utilities during construction
  • Construction bid packages and administration of contracts

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