The Saxon Creek Aquatic Organism Passage Project, Phase 2, is a follow up project to Phase 1 completed in 2018 which replaced a failing road culvert with a bridge and realigned and restored 140 feet of channel upstream of the Fountain Place Road. Phase 2 will build upon Phase 1 of the Project by restoring and additional 360 foot section of channel downstream from the Fountain Place road crossing and performing adaptive management on the upstream section of the channel to achieve hydrologic and geomorphic continuity and provide for suitable passage conditions for the target aquatic species through the entire restored reach.

Project Goals

  • Restore a channel with morphology appropriate for the position in the watershed;
  • Restore channel morphology that successfully provides fish passage for the target species over a range of flows;
  • Longitudinal hydrologic continuity: Restore an alluvial channel with energy grade appropriate for the position in the watershed and expected range of streamflow up to an approximate 100-year flood;
  • Lateral hydrologic continuity: Restore an active low-flow channel that exhibits hydrologic connectivity with a floodplain under bankfull flows and has a floodplain width that is comparable to reference reach conditions, and;
  • Design a restored channel that enables flood conveyance of the predicted 100-year flood.



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