NTCD strives to strengthen the budding urban agriculture movement in South Lake Tahoe. There are numerous projects already in existence in our community and so many resources. Through increasing coordination between current projects and providing the framework for new projects, we can grow this movement even larger.
NTCD provides training and assistance to projects and also helps with coordination of the larger movement so that no resource goes untapped.
Currently we are working with Bijou Elementary School and The Tahoe Family Resource Center to build a greenhouse to be used to teach students and families of the Resource Center about growing food in Tahoe.

Tahoe Food Connection

Working under the belief that healthy food is a right for all, the Tahoe Food Connection is developing a network to increase local food availability that will foster access to fresh food and promote healthy eating and cooking.


  • Bring small local farmers and local food to South Lake Tahoe restaurants and schools by supporting the existing Tahoe Food Hub and culinary educational programs in town

  • Increase awareness of organic local food through education/events in town and at schools

  • Bring publicity to local restaurants who are supporting local food

The Tahoe Food Connection is a grassroots organization whose mission is to bring ‘real’ local food to ‘real’ local communities.

If you have interest in helping or are already working on a project like this, please contact Dana Olson (dolson@ntcd.org) so we can all work together and share our knowledge and skills!