The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) and Douglas County have a need for a safe and effective way to decant and treat their stormwater from various maintenance operations in the Lake Tahoe Basin. Parcel number 1318-24-601-006 owned by Douglas County is an ideal location since it is situated near an existing NDOT maintenance yard and is zoned for industrial use. The proposed facility will allow primary and secondary treatment of stormwater treatment byproducts such as water from drop inlets or sweeper material with wastewater eventually discharging to the sewer system. The facility also provides a safe and environmentally-friendly place to store materials and wash equipment.
Example of a stormwater decant facility

What is a Decant Facility?

A decant facility is a large concrete area where stormwater, gathered by vactor trucks from catch basins and other stormwater catchment areas, can be properly disposed of.

Stormwater typically contains high concentrations of contaminants. If left untreated, this sediment could result in degradation to the environment including reduced lake clarity. The decant facility is able to process stormwater and dispose of contaminants properly.